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Thrilling science fiction.

Gripping noir crime.

A subtle and meaningful collection about humankind under stress.

Kirkus Independent Reviews - Catgut Anthology

A somber, readable tale of frontier psychodrama.

Kirkus Independent reviews - The Diabolus Legacy

A clear concern for humanity, reminiscent of Philip K. Dick’s dystopian fiction, appears throughout all of Falconer’s stories.

Falconer draws this provincial world well, although the book’s most memorable creation is Macleod himself, a hard man with a soft heart and a jaded worldview.


Saul Kenneth Falconer is the pen name of Paul Bird, a independent writer who lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and four children.

Saul Kenneth Falcone

Fantasy Science Fiction

Science Fiction -SK Falconer

Science Fiction

Fantasy Science Fiction -SK Falconer


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