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Saul Kenneth Falconer is the pen name of Paul Bird,  a freelance writer who lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and four children.


He was born and raised in Newcastle, Australia, where he studied nursing, then medicine and began his specialist training as a physician. When he is not writing, he works as a Rheumatologist, caring for people suffering from arthritis and joint diseases.


His first book, One Mad Rooster, a collection of adventure stories for children, was published in 2007. It was followed by My Aunt the Vampire and the Mistaken Monster.


His science fiction novels, Guardian, and Warrior reflect unique take on Nordic mythology, combining ancient tales with contemporary themes in fast-paced action adventures. The third instalment in the Vanir series, Traitor, will be released in 2022.


Noir crime emerges in The Diabolus Legacy, a historical crime thriller,  set in 19th Century Sydney and the Upper Hunter. The sequel to the Diabolus Legacy, The Demons Mark, will be released in March 2022.

The Catgut series are adult science fiction stories with a twist in the tail. Six gothic science fiction novellas set in an uncertain future.



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The Author

Saul Kenneth Falconer is the pen name of Paul Bird

Writer, researcher, medical practitioner.

WEBSITE- www.skfalconer.org

EMAIL- saulfalconer@icloud.com


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19 Kensington Street

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