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One Mad Rooster

We froze. From behind the nesting boxes there was a scuffle, a flap, and an almighty squawk. Then there was a shriek that shook thefoundations of the tiny shed. In one huge flap the rooster appeared,a huge creature, puffed up but with feathers and part of his combmissing from long-forgotten battles.”An ordinary kid, a different time, loads of adventures.These short stories are a perfect read-aloud book. For children aged 5-10, an adventure in every story, with a subtle message about friendship, bullying, and trusting your parents.

Review Rating: 5 Stars 

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

One Mad Rooster is an adventure story for children penned by author Paul Bird. Life is full of stories, many of which are frequently shared with friends and loved ones alike, each engaging yarn improving substantially with each new telling. Growing up is an adventure in itself, and no matter where you grew up, there are unique tales that only you could have experienced. For one child growing up in Australia, there was nothing ordinary about his adventures even though he considered himself just a typical child. There was the killer snake in the backyard that his mother whacked into many pieces with a garden spade, all to protect her young ones who were frolicking in the yard, oblivious to the danger that slithered through the grass at their feet. The tall tower above the diving pool offered both a challenge and a threat: a fear to be overcome and safely endure. There were the classic bullies (we all have them), and then the bully was a mean old rooster - all in an ordinary day of this child.

Paul Bird’s One Mad Rooster is a collection of snapshots of his childhood. Told with care, precision, and the knowing art of a seasoned storyteller, this collection will warm the heart of all who read it and open doors to more stories about childhood romps. The stories are all told in the first-person narrative, complete with a beautifully orchestrated descriptive narrative that sets the stage for the reader to feel included in the story. There is plenty of dialogue, all succinctly presented to add greater depth and a personal touch to the story itself. As the author presents each memory, he allows the reader to grasp the challenge, the adventure, the fear, and the courage that intertwined to make this childhood memory so special, so unique. One Mad Rooster is a beautiful collection of memoirs and a real treasure.

Review Rating: 5 Stars 

Reviewed By Kristen Van Kampen for Readers’ Favorite

Fast-paced and fascinating, One Mad Rooster by Paul Bird is an entertaining read. The book is well written, and the descriptive narration style makes it easy to visualize what is happening. The stories are filled with exciting scenes that made me keep reading to discover what would happen next. The full-color illustrations at the start of each chapter are very well drawn and do a great job of depicting the story to follow. The book features many exciting and unique characters with well-developed personalities that make the stories more enjoyable. Readers will like the main character Paul, who gets himself into a lot of trouble, but always manages to get himself out of it once again.

Review Rating: 5 Stars 

Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Reading One Mad Rooster reminded me of my own joys and pains in childhood, which were primarily colorful experiences, but challenging as I had to deal with my

own antagonists. Paul Bird effectively depicts children in their innocent state, placing confidence in their movements in a world full of dangers and mishaps. The story is very involving, one that will make you look back at your own childhood and wonder if you’ve ever done anything equally as silly.

Paul Bird

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