“We froze. From behind the nesting boxes there was a scuffle, a flap

and an almighty squawk. Then there was a shriek that shook the

foundations of the tiny shed. In one huge flap... Read More


Fear allows us to convince ourselves of anything.  And so, it was in my twelfth year, I began to suspect that my Aunt was a vampire... Read More

Sometimes monsters are imagined, sometimes they are misunderstood. Written by Sarah Bird and Paul Bird, The Mistaken Monster is an adventure like no other, using the imagination of a 9-year-old to conjure a very special story...Read More

Right up until the day he found the stormerki, shy teen Ezekiel Waters had always assumed that he was human.

But right now, he has just has to make it to... Read More

The Mistaken Monster

Martha knew something was stalking her. As she strolled between the giant Moreton Bay hybrids of the Vanaheim forest, she knew it was there.  She could sense it. 

Three years after they became guardians of the stormerki, Zeke, Martha and Elijah are becoming...Read More

For Cormag MacLeod, police inspector and war veteran, the dead are very real. They haunt the shadows, and his refuge is the bottle.   But in Sydney Cove in 1875, there is enough filth and crime to distract him, and his unorthodox ... Read More


What if the future was now? What if medicine moved so quickly that our lives would change without even blinking. Would we be happy and content? Read More


The stunning sequel to The Diabolus Legacy sees Cormag Macleod fighting his own demons, and a new evil in the Allyn River Valley.  

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