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Fear allows us to convince ourselves of anything.  And so, it was in my twelfth year, I began to suspect that my Aunt was a vampire.


All the signs were there. I was sure.  Being a twelve-year-old, and certain of my facts, no-one could dissuade me from my belief.  I knew she was a vampire


Haunted crackers, vampires, flying bums and schoolyard fables. A rollicking collection of ten Aussie yarns that will have you laughing out loud. 

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“We froze. From behind the nesting boxes there was a scuffle, a flap

and an almighty squawk. Then there was a shriek that shook the

foundations of the tiny shed. In one huge flap the rooster appeared,

a huge creature, puffed up but with feathers and part of his comb

missing from long forgotten battles.”

An ordinary kid, a different time, loads of adventures.

There’s a killer snake in the backyard, a bully that won’t go away,

a bullrout that haunts a favourite creek and a bad, mad, cranky rooster.

And that’s just for starters!

Read along with these uniquely Australian yarns jam-packed with

fast paced action and hilarious situations!


Sometimes monsters are imagined, sometimes they are misunderstood. Written by Sarah Bird and Paul Bird, The Mistaken Monster is an adventure like no other, using the imagination of a 9-year-old to conjure a very special story.

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Right up until the day he found the stormerki, shy teen Ezekiel Waters had always assumed that he was human.

But right now, he has just has to make it to Svalbard, in the arctic circle. To the underground city of the aesir. to safety.


Because enemies of his vanir ancestors’ hunger after the stormerki and even though he has the alfheim to protect him, the myrkvar are closing in.

Beginning to understand his heritage, zeke realizes that his fate is intricately connected with The stormerki. And as the stakes for zeke and his family rise higher, skirmish will turn to battle and battle to intergalactic war. 

Nordic mythology merges with science fiction in this stunning debut novel That takes the reader on an quest across the earth, and beyond.

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Martha knew something was stalking her. As she strolled between the giant Moreton Bay hybrids of the Vanaheim forest, she knew it was there.  She could sense it. 

Three years after they became guardians of the stormerki, Zeke, Martha and Elijah are becoming accustomed to their new world, under the watchful guidance of the Alfheim. But the uneasy peace in Vanaheim and Asgard was never made to last. As the wasting illness spreads from the underground citadel to nearby Longyearbyen, they realise that the Illska are still watching, their servants draining the life from the population. And they must make a decision. A decision that will force them back to the old world, to confront their enemies.

 In this spectacular sequel to Guardian, old enemies re-emerge, lost civilisations are discovered, and a new king will rise.

 The epic tale of good and evil unfolds, as the Guardians confront their greatest challenge.


Six years after the became the guardians, Zeke, Martha, Elijah, and Tabitha face their most dangerous adversary. An enemy from within, a traitor from the old world, who will threaten to tear apart the hidden worlds of the Aesir  Vanir, and Alfheim.

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For Cormag MacLeod, police inspector and war veteran, the dead are very real. They haunt the shadows, and his refuge is the bottle.   But in Sydney Cove in 1875, there is enough filth and crime to distract him, and his unorthodox methods are effective in a town where the law is a thin murky line.

That’s why being sent to a small town in the middle of nowhere to investigate a murder feels like punishment. And to make matters worse, being nursemaid to a constable barely old enough to shave is the last straw.

But in the Allyn river valley, he will discover that the gruesome murders taking place are the work of something sinister, something evil. As the townsfolk begin to panic, and the local lawmakers seek to blame, old prejudices will surface and threaten to destroy the delicate fabric of the small hamlet.


And Macleod will discover that he can never truly put his past behind him, no matter how far he runs.


Rage, Pity, Terror, Remorse, Despair, Love.

Human emotions that embody what it means to be human, feelings that an artificial intelligence or machine could never experience.

Six short stories, six modern dilemmas, six glimpses into the not too distant future where technology moves so fast that medicine and ethics struggle to adapt, with unforeseeable consequences. 

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Cormag MacLeod returns, battling his own demons, as he investigates the mysterious  disappearance of children in the Dungog shire. But as he delves deeper, old prejudices within the town will surface, as he discovers that he is no longer the hunter, but has become the hunted.   

The sequel to The Diabolus legacy is a historical crime thriller with a bite, as Macleod searches for an  elusive killer in an isolated township, where superstition and fear reign.