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Fantasy Science Fiction

Vanir, Warrior.: Book Two of The Stormerki Prophecy

Martha knew something was stalking her. As she strolled between the giant Moreton Bay hybrids of the Vanaheim forest, she knew it was there. She could sense it. Three years after they became guardians of the stormerki, Zeke, Martha, and Elijah are becoming accustomed to their new world, under the watchful guidance of the Alfheim. But the uneasy peace in Vanaheim and Asgard was never made to last. As the wasting illness spreads from the underground citadel to nearby Longyearbyen, they realize that the Illska are still watching, their servants draining the life from the population. And they must make a decision. A decision that will force them back to the old world, to confront their enemies.In this spectacular sequel to Guardian, old enemies re-emerge, lost civilisations are discovered, and a new king will rise. The epic tale of good and evil unfolds, as the Guardians confront their greatest challenge.

Foreword/Clarion Reviews

Nordic gods play into Vanir, Warrior, an epic fantasy novel in which powerful magic is used to combat an ancient evil.

The book’s descriptions of the various landscapes that the characters inhabit are wonderfully evocative. Strange planets with cavernous plants and hints of lost civilizations make for fascinating reading. Further, the children train in deadly virtual reality worlds, honing their fighting skills; contests are held in outdoor stadiums full of excited attendees.


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