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Saul Kenneth Falconer is the pen name of Paul Bird, a fiction writer who lives in Sydney, Australia 


He was born and raised in Newcastle, Australia, where he studied nursing, then medicine and began his specialist training as a physician. When he is not writing, he works as a Rheumatologist, caring for people suffering from arthritis and joint diseases.

Writing gripping crime and thrilling science fiction has been a passion since his youth.

The science fiction novels, Guardian, and Warrior reflect unique take on Nordic mythology, combining ancient tales with contemporary themes in fast-paced action adventures. Both novels follow the epic adventures of four children as they come to terms with their ancestry, and their destiny as bearers of the Stormerki, the stones of ancient power. Asgard and Vanaheim take on a whole new meaning in this unique blend of fantasy and science fiction.

The Catgut series are adult science fiction stories with a twist in the tail. Rage, Pity, Terror, Despair, Remorse and Love are emotions explored in the unique science fiction dystopian future series. Six stories with a twist in the tale, stitched together by a lost material, CATGUT. Six more instalments are due for release in 2023.

Gritty noir crime describes in The Diabolus Legacy, and The Demon Mark, crime thrillers set in 19th Century Sydney and the Upper Hunter. The reader is immersed in the world of provincial New South Wales as Cormag Macleod, a brilliant but troubled war veteran police inspector, investigates a series of murders in the Allyn River valley.


Under his own name he has penned three books for children. One Mad Rooster and My Aunt the Vampire are fun filled short story collections, and The Mistaken Monster is a heart-warming tale about friendship, trust, and family.

Saul Kenneth Falconer

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