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The Demon Mark


And war veteran and police inspector Cormag Macleod has plenty of his own. But investigating a murder in a small colonial town...

*AWARD WINNING* The Diabolus Legacy

For Cormag MacLeod, police inspector and war veteran, the dead are very real. They haunt the shadows, and his refuge is the bottle. But in Sydney Cove in 1875, there is enough filth and crime to distract him, and his unorthodox methods...

The Diabolus Legacy - Spanish Edition

Para Cormag MacLeod, inspector de policía y veterano de guerra, los muertos son muy reales. Persiguen las sombras, y su refugio es la botella...

The Diabolus Legacy - Portuguese Edition

Para Cormag MacLeod, inspetor de polícia e veterano, os mortos são reais. Eles habitam nas sombras, e nem mesmo grandes quantidades de...

Paterson's Curse

The third instalment in the Cormag Macleod Inspector series



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