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Fantasy Science Fiction

Vanir, Traitor - COMING SOON

Six years after the became the guardians, Zeke, Martha, Elijah, and Tabitha face their most dangerous adversary. An enemy from within, a traitor from the old world, who will threaten to tear apart the hidden worlds of the Aesir Vanir, and Alfheim.


Vanir, Warrior.: Book Two of The Stormerki Prophecy

Martha knew something was stalking her. As she strolled between the giant Moreton Bay hybrids of the Vanaheim forest, she knew it was there. She could sense it. Three years after they became guardians of the stormerki ...

*AWARD WINNING* Vanir, Guardian.: Book 1 of the Stormerki prophecy

Right up until the day he found the stormerki, shy teen Ezekiel Waters had always assumed that he was human. But right now, he has just has to make it to Svalbard, in the Arctic circle. To the underground city ...

Science Fiction

Catgut: Anthology

A poorly paid neurosurgeon facing bankruptcy agrees to use forbidden technology in Rage, a journalist probes too deep into the workings of an Artificial Intelligence staffed aged care facility in Pity, a plague menaces the human race in Terror. Trans consciousness transfer experiments to cure addition in Despair, Remorse explores the tenuous relationship between the past and present, and Love follows clone technology to its inevitable end. Six stories with a twist in the tale, stitched together by a lost material, CATGUT.

Rage: Catgut Series

Benign actions can have serious repercussions. Winston Lambert, a neurosurgical technician, is in serious debt. But when he is offered a way out, he can't possibly foresee ...

PITY: Catgut Series

In the not too distant future, human beings live well beyond one-hundred years, but their fragile bones and skin need special care. Technology adapts, creating care facilities staffed by cybernetics, humanoid forms that mimic human ...

Terror: Catgut Series

A terrible plague and its consequences force the human race underground. Hundred of years later, survivors continue to live in the caverns beneath the earth, governed by dictatorship, living in the darkness. But every year ...

Remorse: Catgut Series

Formalin. He recognized it immediately, pungent and familiar. Outside, the fading sounds of late-night revellers returning home drifted toward him from the street. He breathed in ...

Love: Catgut Series

Jasmine. The sweet smell surrounded him, the fragrance of his childhood, sunny carefree days within the controlled cycle of rain, cloud, sun. Breathing deeply, he inhaled the sweet honey, allowing the aroma to fill him. Calm, peace, tranquillity.
But there was something else mixing with it, something unpleasant, ...

Despair: Catgut Series

He knew that his body had changed. He felt more muscular, could feel his barrel chest moving up and down as he breathed the clear air. Fear gripped him, he was within his primate, and all was dark. Sparks of light flashed in the darkness. He saw shapes and movements and tried to move but was paralysed. Panicking, he tried to cry out, but no sound emanated from him. The sparking lights coalesced, whirling into a frenzy, until terrified he could hold on to consciousness any longer and he fell into blackness.


The Demon Mark


And war veteran and police inspector Cormag Macleod has plenty of his own. But investigating a murder in a small colonial town...

*AWARD WINNING* The Diabolus Legacy

For Cormag MacLeod, police inspector and war veteran, the dead are very real. They haunt the shadows, and his refuge is the bottle. But in Sydney Cove in 1875, there is enough filth and crime to distract him, and his unorthodox methods...

The Diabolus Legacy - Spanish Edition

Para Cormag MacLeod, inspector de policía y veterano de guerra, los muertos son muy reales. Persiguen las sombras, y su refugio es la botella...

The Diabolus Legacy - Portuguese Edition

Para Cormag MacLeod, inspetor de polícia e veterano, os mortos são reais. Eles habitam nas sombras, e nem mesmo grandes quantidades de...

Paterson's Curse

The third instalment in the Cormag Macleod Inspector series



Children's Fiction


A Magical Ring, a race across time, a destiny fulfilled. Coming soon.


One Mad Rooster

We froze. From behind the nesting boxes there was a scuffle, a flap, and an almighty squawk. Then there was a shriek ...

My Aunt the Vampire

Whether he's convinced his aunt is a secret vampire or battling haunted fireworks these stories are a fun-filled collection ...

The Mistaken Monster

Three friends break the rules and end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. And they are sure they've seen a monster ...

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