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Catgut: Anthology

A poorly paid neurosurgeon facing bankruptcy agrees to use forbidden technology in Rage, a journalist probes too deep into the workings of an Artificial Intelligence staffed aged care facility in Pity, a plague menaces the human race in Terror. Trans consciousness transfer experiments to cure addition in Despair, Remorse explores the tenuous relationship between the past and present, and Love follows clone technology to its inevitable end. Six stories with a twist in the tale, stitched together by a lost material, CATGUT.

Rage: Catgut Series

Benign actions can have serious repercussions. Winston Lambert, a neurosurgical technician, is in serious debt. But when he is offered a way out, he can't possibly foresee ...

PITY: Catgut Series

In the not too distant future, human beings live well beyond one-hundred years, but their fragile bones and skin need special care. Technology adapts, creating care facilities staffed by cybernetics, humanoid forms that mimic human ...

Terror: Catgut Series

A terrible plague and its consequences force the human race underground. Hundred of years later, survivors continue to live in the caverns beneath the earth, governed by dictatorship, living in the darkness. But every year ...

Remorse: Catgut Series

Formalin. He recognized it immediately, pungent and familiar. Outside, the fading sounds of late-night revellers returning home drifted toward him from the street. He breathed in ...

Love: Catgut Series

Jasmine. The sweet smell surrounded him, the fragrance of his childhood, sunny carefree days within the controlled cycle of rain, cloud, sun. Breathing deeply, he inhaled the sweet honey, allowing the aroma to fill him. Calm, peace, tranquillity.
But there was something else mixing with it, something unpleasant, ...

Despair: Catgut Series

He knew that his body had changed. He felt more muscular, could feel his barrel chest moving up and down as he breathed the clear air. Fear gripped him, he was within his primate, and all was dark. Sparks of light flashed in the darkness. He saw shapes and movements and tried to move but was paralysed. Panicking, he tried to cry out, but no sound emanated from him. The sparking lights coalesced, whirling into a frenzy, until terrified he could hold on to consciousness any longer and he fell into blackness.

Science Fiction

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