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The Demon’s mark – coming soon

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

The Demon’s Mark is the sequel to the Diabolus legacy and takes place in the colonial town of Dungog in New South Wales.

The main character is Cormag MacLeod, the tough policeman and inspector banished to the smaller town because of a hit that's being put on him in Sydney. With the action set twelve months after the initial novel, there's been some changes in MacLeod’s life, but he's making the most of not being able to return to Sydney by keeping himself busy investigating crime in the small town.

The Demon’s Mark follows Cormag MacLeod’s character arc as he investigates a series of murders. The main themes are religious fervour, revenge, and remorse, and the secrets that are kept within families. It's an exciting read, and I'm looking forward to MacLeod’s character coming full arc, as he shelters his protege McDermott, whilst pursuing a vicious murderer.

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